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Have you ordered your copy yet?

Have you ordered your copy yet?

It's $0.99 for pre-order and will be $2.99 when published.


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*** 5 star*** "His Assistant" Part 2

This series is so good!! I recommend it if you love a good steamy romance and a hot sexy tattooed man. It will have you laughing one minute and totally edging toward an orgasm the next. The story is very well written and once you start you wont want to put it down. ITS FREAKING HOT!! 

I gave it 5 stars. This author has me hooked on her books now. It is a 3 part series and I can't wait for part 3. This story is definitely meant for 18+ aged readers. It does contain hot sex!! But not to the point where you get bored with the sex scenes. It is a great romance story.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pre-order "His Assistant" Part 2 for only $0.99

Pre-order "His Assistant" Part 2 for only $0.99.
It well be released on February 7th at $2.99.

I accepted a job at Luke Technologies to learn more about the man behind the company, Luke Andrews. I didn't plan to love my job and build relationships with the people I worked with, including Luke. I had secrets that I needed to keep hidden until the time was right.

Another thing I didn't expect to find was Kevin Reynolds, the opposite of what I wanted in a man. He was cocky as could be, very demanding, full of himself, and felt the need to control everything around him. At the same time, he was tall, dark, tattooed, and sexy on his Harley.

Kevin should have been off limits. He was closer to Luke than I thought, and he was my boss. The man held my fate at the company in is hands, and the harder I pushed him away, the more I wanted him. It didn't help that he seemed to appear every time I needed someone.

Just when I thought things couldn't bet any better, my world came crashing down around me.

What would Kevin do if he discovered my secret before I was to tell him?

I found out the hard way, and his reaction was not at all what I expected.

His Assistant Part 1 is available.
His Assistant Part 3 will be available in early April.

Add "His Assistant" Part 2 to your Goodreads to be read list

Add "His Assistant" Part 2 to your Goodreads to be read list.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

His Assistant (Part 2) Chapter 1

His Assistant (Part 2)

Chapter 1

When Luke finished talking to me, I turned off my laptop, shoved it back in the bag, and leaned back in my chair. I couldn't help but think about how nice it was to sleep wrapped around Brooke's body. It was the best sleep I had in a long time. She was incredibly sexy. Just thinking about spanking her ass had my cock rock hard. It was cute the way she thanked Luke over and over for the show tickets. She was genuinely thankful. It was refreshing to have someone around that wasn't expecting money and didn't need designer name on everything for them to be happy. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. It was a relief that she hadn't heard him ask me to come over. I made it a point to have as few people at work as possible know that I was closer to Luke than a boss normally was to an employee. It was nobody's business. I worked my ass off for the company, and there was no way anyone was going to say that I got my job any other way. That shit needed to be kept private.
As I sat thinking, my mind drifted back three years. I had just graduated from college and been promoted to head of securities at Luke Technologies. Everything was going my way. I found the perfect house with an amazing chunk of land. The thought of being around a bunch of neighbors was not my idea of a dream home. I needed land with plenty of privacy. When I found it, I bought it and moved in immediately. Life was awesome. One night. I was out with the guys, and in walked the perfect woman. She was tall, curvy, and beautiful. Her long brown hair and dark brown eyes blew me away. We spent the whole night talking and laughing. Could my life get any better, I thought? We started seeing each other regularly. She was sweet, and we seemed to have so much in common. There no way I was going to find anyone more perfect than her. I jumped in with both feet and my heart wide open. We had been seeing each other for six months. Everything was going great, so I asked her to move in with me. We lived together for about a month, and I knew she was the one for me. I bought a beautiful ring and was ready to pop the question.
I got home from work a few minutes earlier than usual one night. When I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, she jumped and slammed her laptop closed. She hurried out of her chair and wrapped me in a hug. I thought about her strange response as she showered me with kisses. There was never a doubt in my mind that she loved me, but something just didn't seem right about the way she had just acted. Never once had I checked up on her and completely trusted her with everything I had. When she left for work that night, I got on her computer. Believe me, I felt horrible for doing it. I was sure that I was overreacting and would find nothing out of place. Boy was I wrong. It surprised me that she had the guts to talk to other men on a computer in my home. She knew what I did for a living. Did she really think I wouldn't find out she was seeing someone else behind my back?
There were conversations dating back to when we first started seeing each other. They were all with the same man. As I read through them, my blood began to boil. How dare she take advantage of me. She was living in my house. I never asked her for a penny for anything. We went out to nice places and took expensive trips. I paid for every single one of them. She always wanted extravagant presents. I bought her everything she asked for. She deserved it, or at least I thought she did. Shit, she was even driving my car. Who the fuck did she think she was? There were conversations about my job and Luke technologies in the emails between her and him. It was all about my money. She was with the guy before we even met. Our entire relationship was a setup. The whole time she was sleeping with him as well as me. I couldn't believe I trusted her with my life. There was never a reason for me to doubt that I was the only one she was with.
She knew I was going to be working late the following night. Her ass had plans to see him. Where do you think they were meeting up? You guessed it. They were meeting at my house. She was lucky I didn't throw her shit out in the front yard. I couldn't believe the bitch was fucking the guy in my bed.
I canceled the meeting I had scheduled and showed up early. Damn was she shocked when I walked in on them in my room. I wouldn't hit a woman, but I would sure pummel a man's ass. He was bruised and bloody when he walked out of my house. I grabbed a few bags and threw as much of her shit in them as I could. Her ass went right out with his. I told her I would have the rest of her stuff delivered to his house. That ring I bought went back where it came from. I was so glad I figured her out before I married her. She would have taken me for a ride I would never forget. That day I promised myself to never give my heart away again. I mean never. Not to anyone. She could be the most perfect princess, and it still wouldn't matter. My heart was staying with me. The whole thing. Love was for suckers. I would never be one of them again.
I jumped when my phone alarm went off. The conference was starting in forty-five minutes. The last two nights with Brooke had been amazing. She was something else. I loved that she wasn't afraid to put me in my place. She wasn't some sucker who did whatever I said, but I did enjoy her doing what I said in the bedroom. That was sexy as hell. There was no way I could let her into my life. She wasn't going to have a chance to break me. I had learned my lesson. As much as I wanted to take her again, I knew that I couldn't do it. It was bad enough that we had done what we had, but it had to stop before things got messy. She worked for me. What the hell was I thinking? What if she was in it for the money? That seemed ridiculous. I couldn't get her to even let me pay for a cup of coffee. What if that was all an act? What if she knew my real connection to Luke Technologies? Her working there made it even worse. Luke would kill me if anything happened because I was screwing my assistant. It had to end. I had to get her out of my mind.
With my coffee in hand, I grabbed my key card and walked out of my room. I stood in front of her door and let out a huge breath. You can do this, I thought. Be completely professional, and show her that you're her boss and nothing more. Don't let her in, whatever you do. I took one more breath in and out and knocked on the door.

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Hot for Love (Bachelor Billionaire #2) is only $0.99


Hot for love (Bachelor Billionaire #2)

$0.99 until 1/23/15

Have you read about the hot firefighter yet?

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Josh was a sexy firefighter and restaurant owner. He was happy and content with his wealthy bachelor life. Gorgeous women surrounded him, and he loved every minute of it. His life was perfect.

Lisa was a shy stewardess, who enjoyed seeing the world. A relationship was the furthest thing from her mind.

Josh was on a date, when he was called to the station for a large apartment fire. He had no idea that his life was about to change.

When Lisa was suddenly thrown into Josh's life, could she hide her past feelings for him, or would she turn his world upside down?

Hot for Love is a complete, stand-alone novel. 

Sea of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #1) is also available.
Battle for Love (Bachelor Billionaire #3) is also available.
Rescue of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #4) will be available in March.
Built for Love (Bachelor Billionaire #5) will be available date TBD.

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